Sunday, 24 November 2013

Grass Seed VS Turf

          A new lawn can be planted one of two ways: by spreading grass seed or
putting down new turf. Planting new turf allows you to have a new lawn established
much more quickly than spreading grass seed, which will take two to four weeks to
fill in, and can be more susceptible to various problems than laying new turf: you
have to thoroughly prepare the topsoil for new seed, take care to protect newly
spread seed from birds, water it on a regular schedule to keep it from drying out.
Planting new turf does require some soil preparation to ensure that it takes fully and
grows well over the rest of the growing season, but you do not have to worry about
birds or water it quite as thoroughly as you do seed.
          Planting seed has the major advantage that it will be considerably less
expensive than turf, however. If you have never sowed grass seed before, its is well worth investing 30 minutes to learn how to grow grass. You can visit our homepage to find the link to download our free ebook for planting the perfect lawn.

Turf costs much more per square foot than grass seed, and it is not always available in as many varieties as grass seed can be. While
you can put down new turf yourself, some people opt to have professionals do it,
which can be an additional cost. So you have to decide whether you want a lawn
that is more or less instantly ready, but costs more, or if you want to save money
but wait several weeks for it to become established.
          Whether you are laying down new turf or establishing a lawn by spreading
seeds, the first step is to prepare the site thoroughly. The first step is to turn the soil
over to make sure it is well aerated and has good drainage. It is also a very good
practice to test the soil’s pH to make sure it is in the optimal range for growing
grass. The top layer of soil can be amended with well-finished manure or compost in
order to ensure that it has a high level of nitrogen, phosphorus and other beneficial
          Grass seed can be broadcast by hand or with the use of a mechanical
spreader, which provides a more uniform distribution of seeds. To protect the seed
until it is established, you should cover the seeds with a light layer of hay or other
mulch (and I do mean light – you don’t want to smother the seeds). Protecting them
from birds with specially designed netting is also recommended.
          New turf should be rolled out parallel to the longer side of the lawn, and the
seams should be staggered so they are not right next to one another. Be careful not
to stretch the individual pieces of turf too much, as they will shrink a bit as they dry
out. If you are laying out turf on an incline, lay the pieces out perpendicular to the
slope, and secure them with stakes until the roots have gotten a chance to grow
into the topsoil.

          Grass seed should be watered twice a day, and using a timer to ensure
regular watering is a good practice. Newly planted turf should be watered
thoroughly when it is first laid out, and then with moderate frequency for the first
month after you put it down – once a day at most.

If you would like to lean more about how to seed a lawn, comment below, or send an email to


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