Sunday, 24 November 2013

How to plant a new lawn

         When first learning how to grow grass from seed, planting a new lawn can seem like a big, challenging job, but it does not have
to be. There are a number of basic steps you can take when you are planting grass seed that will keep the overall labour and time spent to a minimum and ensure that
once your lawn is established, it will be lush and healthy.
         The first step when you are getting ready to plant a new lawn is to determine
what kind of grass will be best for your region. Certain grasses are better adapted to
colder climates, and others are specifically adapted to grow in hot, dry climates. The
variety (or mix) you choose is going to be determined largely by where you live.
         Popular cool season grasses include the bluegrasses, fescues, and rye
grasses. These varieties tend to be hardy, remain green year round, and are much
finer than most warm season grasses. It’s best to select a mix of either bluegrass or
fescue and rye grass, or else all three in varying proportions. Cool season grasses
are usually grown from seed.
         Popular warm season grasses include Bermuda grass and zoysia grass. These
varieties are adapted to regions that have very hot, dry summers and mild winters.
Bermuda grass is a coarse, drought resistant variety that grows best in full sun. It is
well adapted to growing in coastal regions, where the air is a bit more salty. Zoysia
is a slow-growing, lush grass that is heat tolerant but requires steady watering.
Warm season grasses usually go dormant and turn brown in the winter, but will
rebound in the spring. These varieties are best grown from sod.
         Once you have determined which varieties of grass are best for your region,
it’s time to prepare the soil for planting the new lawn. If you are planting a new lawn
on bare soil, or if you are establishing a new lawn where grass is growing sparsely,
start by tilling the soil to aerate it and break it up. Test the pH of the soil to
determine if it is alkaline or acidic. There are simple techniques for testing soil pH as
well as for correcting it if it is too high or too low.
         It’s always a good idea to amend the soil with Lime. This provides a healthy
balance of nutrients to the new lawn, and helps to ensure that it will be well
established and lush.
         Planting grass seed can be a bit involved, since you have to make sure it is
protected from birds until it is established. Water twice a day, in the evening and
early morning. Within 2-4 weeks you should see new grass growing.

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