Sunday, 24 November 2013

When to plant new lawn seed

          The best time for when to plant new lawn seed depends on a couple of
factors, including the region you live in and whether you are planting an entirely
new lawn or overseeding the lawn for other reasons. As a general rule, unless you
live in a very mild climate that has pretty stable weather conditions all year round,
you should not plant new lawn seed in winter for obvious reasons, and you shouldn't
plant new lawn seed in the heat of the summer months -unless you have the time to keep it consistently watered.
         So, that leaves spring and fall as the best seasons for when to plant new lawn
seed. If you are starting an entirely new lawn, spring is the best time to plant new
lawn seed. During the cool spring months, the grass will have a chance to get
established without being at risk for drought or soaring temperatures. Wait until any
danger of frost has completely passed – you do not want your new seeds getting
frozen to death out there.
          Most grasses grow optimally at temperatures between 50 and 65 degrees
Fahrenheit (10 and 20 C), so spring temps will be perfect for new lawn seed to
become well established. You should also avoid planting new seed if several days of
heavy rainfall are predicted. While new grass seed definitely needs a healthy
amount of water to help it get well established, severe rainstorms run the risk of washing new seeds away along with bare topsoil, which is something we definitely
want to avoid.
          Then, the grass will have all summer to finish filling in completely, and by the
time autumn rolls around, you will have a complete lawn that is robust enough to go
dormant and make it through the winter to be ready to wake up the following
          When overseeding lawn, you generally want to do it in the fall. There
are a few reasons for this. First of all, if you have a lawn that is composed of a warm
season grass like St. Augustine, Bermuda or zoysia grass, it will turn brown when it
goes dormant in the winter. If you want to keep it looking lush and green over the
winter, you will have to overseed your lawn with a cool season grass like rye. That
should obviously be done in the autumn months, preferably after there is no danger
of a heat wave but well before temperatures drop too low for grass to grow well.
          If you are only overseeding your lawn in order to reinvigorate it because it is
looking a bit sparse, you should do it in the fall as well. This way, you are not
stressing the existing grass too much by thatching or scalping it during the hot
summer months; your new seeds will still have enough time to get established
before the first frost date.
          If you are planting new seed to fill in the occasional small bare patch, you can
do it anytime that temperatures are not prohibitively high, provided you water it


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